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Lancia Appia Workshop Manual
Lancia Appia Workshop Manual PDF
Lancia Appia Workshop Manual.pdf
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Lancia Ardea Workshop Manual
Lancia Ardea Workshop Manual PDF
Lancia Ardea Workshop Manual.pdf
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Lancia Aurelia Workshop Manual
Lancia Aurelia Workshop Manual PDF
Lancia Aurelia Workshop Manual.pdf
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Lancia Beta II Spare Parts Catalog
Lancia Beta II Spare Parts Catalog PDF
Lancia Beta II Spare Parts Catalog.pdf
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Lancia Delta Owner's Manual
Lancia Delta Owner's Manual PDF
Lancia Delta Owner's Manual.pdf
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Lancia Delta-Prisma Service Manual
Lancia Delta-Prisma Service Manual PDF
Lancia Delta-Prisma Service Manual.pdf
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Lancia Esadelta Workshop Manual
Lancia Esadelta Workshop Manual PDF
Lancia Esadelta Workshop Manual.pdf
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Lancia Flavia Workshop Manual
Lancia Flavia Workshop Manual PDF
Lancia Flavia Workshop Manual.pdf
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Lancia Musa Owner's Manual
Lancia Musa Owner's Manual PDF
Lancia Musa Owner's Manual.pdf
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Lancia Thema Electrical Wiring Diagrams
Lancia Thema Electrical Wiring Diagrams PDF
Lancia Thema Electrical Wiring Diagrams.
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Lancia Thema Owner's Manual
Lancia Thema Owner's Manual PDF
Lancia Thema Owner's Manual.pdf
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Lancia Thesis Owner's Manual
Lancia Thesis Owner's Manual PDF
Lancia Thesis Owner's Manual.pdf
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Lancia Voyager Owner's Manual
Lancia Voyager Owner's Manual PDF
Lancia Voyager Owner's Manual.pdf
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Lancia Ypsilon Owner's Manual
Lancia Ypsilon Owner's Manual PDF
Lancia Ypsilon Owner's Manual.pdf
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Lancia Ypsilon
Lancia Thema

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There're 14 LANCIA car owner's & service manuals PDF, electric wiring diagrams, spare parts catalogs.


Vincenzo Lancia was a test car driver for FIAT. He founded his own automobile plant in 1906. Currently, the Lancia company bearing his name is part of the FIAT-Auto association.


Vincenzo Lancia, a former FIAT tester and race driver, founded his own automobile factory in Turin in 1906.


Many years later, this enterprise again fell into the orbit of Fiat.


On the logo of the company, the banner of its sporting success, superimposed on a four-spoke "steering wheel", occupies a central place.


The difficult financial situation of the FIAT Auto concern, which has included Lancia since 1969, in recent years has not contributed to the active creation of new, spectacular in appearance and original in design models, which were many in the 100-year history of the famous European brand.


The protracted reorganization of FIAT Auto was completed on February 1, 2007.


From that day on, the concern became known as FIAT Group Automobiles S.p.A, and each of the four brands that make up the concern was legally registered as an independent organization.


This is how the company Lancia Automobiles S.p.A was born, 100% of whose shares are owned by the FIAT Group.


The Lancia management, having received relative freedom in making strategic decisions, was entirely focused on returning the good name of the brand, which had been lost over the past decades.


In 2000, the Lancia range was reduced. Four families remained in the program: Ypsilon, Kappa, Lybra and Zeta.


Discontinued Delta hatchbacks and Dedra sedans. However, if the latter were replaced by new Lybra models, then Delta cars, which represented the company in the very popular C size class, did not find successors.


Perhaps this indicates a change in the image of Lancia as a future manufacturer of comfortable prestigious cars.


As you know, in 2001 the flagship model of the European size class E with a 3.5-liter V6 engine will appear, and in 2002 a coupe on its chassis and a luxury all-terrain vehicle will see the light.


In addition to the program for a qualitative change in the design of models, a project has been developed to increase production volumes and, accordingly, stimulate demand.


If in 2006 118 thousand cars were produced, then by 2011 it is planned to increase the annual production to 300 thousand cars, having replenished the model range with new families.


In particular, the development of a crossover and a coupe-cabriolet is underway.


Among the countries where Lancia expects to have a significant sales volume in the near future are Turkey and the Scandinavian countries. The British and Japanese markets are considered promising.