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Zotye T300 Owner's Manual
Zotye T300 Owner's Manual
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Zotye Т600 Owner Manual
Zotye Т600 Owner Manual
Zotye Т600 Owner Manual.pdf
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The history of the Zotye cars brand is not like the history of other manufacturers.


The fact is that until 2005 the company was engaged in the production of automotive parts and components for various major automotive brands.


And in 2005, the company's management decided to assemble cars on its own, since, in fact, the company already had the entire material and technical base.


It remains only to develop a design and establish a full-fledged assembly, which, in fact, the company successfully decided.


So, starting in 2005, the first cars of this brand saw the light.


Released cars quickly gained popularity and love of many motorists.


And there is a very simple explanation for this - all the components that are used in the assembly of the car are all well-proven components and assemblies.


Thus, the reliability of manufactured cars was increased many times over and the brand managed to avoid those "growth problems" that almost all manufacturers face.


As for the design, it also could not do without high-quality borrowing.


The features of many popular European brands are well recognizable in the appearance of the produced cars.


Maybe, on the one hand, there is some plagiarism in this, but on the other hand, why invent something new and unknown if there is a successful experience in producing stylistically similar cars that already have a sufficient background of popularity?


That, in fact, for this reason, the company's management decided to produce cars on the basis of existing developments for other brands.


And, by the way, this does not mean at all that Zotye cars will continue to be tracing paper of some European cars - no, the management also set the task of developing their own design direction by 2021.


Zotye T600 is a superb compact crossover based on the German Volkswagen Tiguan.


Moreover, in terms of comfort, the “Chinese” is superior to its German counterpart.


There are also external visual differences, but they are not very critical.


So on the T600, the wheelbase increased to 2807 mm - this made it possible to create a more spacious interior and increased the luggage compartment.


The car, even as standard, is equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels.


Zotye Coupa is a crossover/SUV class car.


Just like the T600, it was created on the platform of another "people's car" - the Tuareg.


The older model has a more solid appearance and better interior decoration, and the number of used electronic systems and options is on par with the best European classmates.


As for the cost of the car, it is also almost a quarter cheaper than the German "relative".


Zotye Z300 is a practical urban sedan.


It, like other products of the brand, is also created on the platform of an already well-tested car, namely the Toyota Allion.


The manufacturer positions the model as a real competitor to Polo, Rio, Rapida and Solaris.


Moreover, even in the minimum configuration, the buyer receives ABS, an audio system, front and side airbags and a built-in navigation system.