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Allard Palm Beach MK 2 Brochure
Allard Palm Beach MK 2 Brochure
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Allard Car Service Manual
Allard Car Service Manual
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Allard Car Repair Manual
Allard Car Repair Manual
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The British firm Allard, founded by Sydney Allard in 1945, became famous after the war for original sports cars produced in small quantities.


In 20 years, it built a total of about 1800 cars of 13 different models.


Allard long before Carroll Shelby began to install powerful American V8 engines on English roadsters of his own design.


This combination gave excellent results, but in the late 50s. Allard's cars were no longer able to compete with other British sports car manufacturers, and in 1957 the company closed.


However, Allard's ideas became the basis for such cars as the Chevrolet Corvette and Shelby Cobra: their creators at one time took part in Le Mans racing Allard J2X.


Allard did not stop experimenting with American engines and in 1961 built the first British dragster, which was equipped with a 5.8-liter Chrysler V8 engine with a compressor.


The car was demonstrated at the Brands Hatch and Silverstone circuits, but testing at Brighton showed it to have many mechanical deficiencies.


Nevertheless, Sydney Allard became the founder of British drag racing.


He was involved in the development of various dragsters and held drag festivals, and in 1964 he created the British Drag Racing Association.


In the 60s. Allard also modified stock Ford Anglia engines and sold finished cars known as the Allardette 105, 109, and 116.


After Allard's death in 1966, a fire destroyed his factory.


Currently, a replica of the Allard J2X model is being produced in the Canadian city of Montreal.