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History of Artega Cars

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In 2006, the youngest automobile company in Germany, Artega Automobile Gmbh, was founded.


The company lasted only 6 years and was closed in 2012 after bankruptcy, but many of its technologies were too advanced for modern society, as a result of which they were completely bought out by VW and successfully applied in prototype cars planned for the 2016 model year.


The first and only Artega GT car was presented as a prototype at the Geneva Motor Show in 2006, and the manufacturer assured all the journalists present that its official sales would begin in 2007.


The car weighing 1. 1 tons was equipped with a 3. 6-liter six-cylinder power unit with a capacity of 300 hp, which was developed by Infiniti.


Renowned automotive designer Henrik Fisker was responsible for the body design, and planned to help Artega produce more than 15 models in the next 10 years of its existence.


The project was advised by Karl-Heinz Kalbfel, who at various times headed such well-known companies as Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Rolls-Royce.


Also involved in the creation of the car was engineer Hardy Essige, who previously worked for Porsche.


In addition to the standard GT sports coupe, an electric version called the SE was also introduced, which received a revolutionary hybrid engine with a capacity of 380 horsepower.


It was assumed that the model will be sold in the premium segment, but at the last moment it was decided to postpone sales indefinitely due to the low wear life of the batteries.


Both models, as planned by Artega, were supposed to have the same dynamic characteristics - acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour in 5 seconds.


However, the power of the electric motor was 70 hp higher, due to the fact that the batteries of the electric motor increased the weight of the car by 310 kilograms.


At the same time, a full charge of the engine did not exceed 90 minutes, and the cruising range was 300 kilometers in a combined cycle.


In total, 50 copies of each of the models were collected, pre-order was opened.


Prices were set at €700, 000 for the Artega GT and €790, 000 for the Artega SE.


But suddenly the board of directors abandoned the idea of releasing a car, investors demanded a refund, and Artega was forced to declare itself bankrupt.


And in 2015, at the show, which took place at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, one of the most discussed exhibits was the Scalo electric car of the German company Artega.


The concept supercar not only looks luxurious, it also has advanced technical stuffing.


On the lightweight platform from the aforementioned GT branded model, two electric motors are fixed, the total power of which is 408 hp.


The maximum speed of the car reaches 250 km per hour, and it overcomes the first hundred kilometers in just 3. 6 seconds.


Manufacturers claim that due to the presence of powerful electric motors, the car will cover at least 400 kilometers.


In addition to the new electric car, Artega presented another of its new creations - the Karo ATV, equipped with an electric motor of 52 horsepower.


A fully charged ATV travels 80 kilometers before it needs fuel.


You can charge the novelty from the home network in just two and a half hours.


Who became the patron of the new Artega project is unknown. The date of the start of production of the first cars also remains a secret.