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Fisker Karma Owner's Manual
Fisker Karma Owner's Manual
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Fisker Karma

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There are at least 4 car companies associated with the name of Henrik Fisker: Fisker Coachbuild, Fisker Automotive, VLF Automotive and Fisker Inc.


He founded the first one with Bernhard Kohler in 2005 as a modern coachbuilder specializing in design projects and the construction of exclusive cars.


In 2007, the firm became Fisker Automotive and began developing the Fisker Karma hybrid sedan, first introduced in 2008.


It was one of the first luxury models with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, in which the gasoline engine served to increase power and range.


In 2012, the production of Fisker Karma ceased due to the bankruptcy of the battery supplier A123 Systems.


As a result, Fisker Automotive was taken over by the Chinese Wanxiang Group and changed its name to Karma Automotive, while Henrik Fisker was involved for some time in the VLF Automotive project.


In 2016, he returned to the idea of running his own business and presented several promising developments for the electric vehicle market.


Fisker Inc. together with Jack Wong of China's Hakim Unique Group, they begin developing the fully autonomous electric shuttle Fisker Orbit to transfer 8-12 people to airports, universities, resorts and large corporations.


Also this year, Fisker Nanotech was created to develop graphene supercapacitor technology.


Sales of the Fisker EMotion sedan and Fisker Ocean SUV will start soon.