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Matra Murena Bagheera Espace Brakes Service Manual
Matra Murena Bagheera Espace Brakes Service Manual
Matra Murena Bagheera Espace Brakes Serv
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MATRA (Mecanique Aviation TRAction) is a French company active in the aerospace and weapons industries.


In 1964, it became an automaker by buying out the small company Automobiles Rene Bonnet (1961-1964).


Founded by the famous racing driver and designer Rene Bonnet, it traced its origins to the Deutsch & Bonnet company, which became famous in the 50s. with their front wheel drive sports cars powered by Panhard engines.


MATRA continued with the Bonnet Djet (1962-1967) center-engined coupe and then developed its targa-bodied successor, the MATRA M530 (1967-1973).


In 1969, MATRA's automotive division merged with SIMCA, and a year later became part of Chrysler Europe.


In the late 60s - early 70s. The brand has written its name in the history of motorsport with several victories in Formula 1 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


The last MATRA car is the Talbot-MATRA Murena, the successor to the MATRA Bagheera.


It also had a three-door plastic hatchback body with three seats in a row, but the steel underbody was fully galvanized to prevent corrosion.


The central engine design of the sports car has not changed, but the choice was now offered two 4-cylinder powertrains: a 1.6-liter from SIMCA or a 2.2-liter from Chrysler with 142 hp, both complete with a 5-speed manual transmission.


Subsequently, the Renault Espace and Avantime minivans were manufactured at the MATRA plant in Romorantin.