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Jetour X70 Specs
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Sub-brand Jetour (Chery) appeared in 2018.


Today, Jetour cars lineup includes the X70, X90 and X95 crossovers.


And soon another SUV will be on sale.


This model was filmed in camouflage back in winter, but everyone thought that it was a restyled Jetour X95.


Later at the Shanghai Auto Show in April, the model was introduced under the name Jetour X90 Plus.


Its premiere took place without a separate press release, as the brand is more engaged in promoting the updated Jetour X70 (with the Plus prefix).


Now the photos and specifications have been added to the database of the Chinese Ministry of Industry, which means that the Jetour X90 Plus is preparing for sales!


The new crossover is still made from the Jetour X95 - the cars have the same shape of the side glazing.


In fact, the X90 and X95 differ only in design.


Among the exterior features of the Jetour X90 Plus is a huge grille with horizontal slats (like the X70 Plus) and vertically aligned running lights.


The headlights are from the X95, but the taillights are original and connected between a luminous and chrome strip.


The dimensions of the Jetour X90 Plus crossover are 4858 / 1925 / 1780 mm, the wheelbase is 2850 mm (for the X95 - 2855 mm).


The interior of the X90 Plus is the same as the rest of the Jetour models:


- a new joystick of the box, next to which a wireless charging pad for a smartphone appeared;


- air deflectors;


- combined virtual "tidy" and touchscreen multimedia systems;


- touch control unit "climate" with washers.


In Shanghai Auto Show, the X90 Plus was introduced as a 5-seater crossover, but there will still be six- and seven-seat variants on sale (such are the X90 and X95).


The engine is Chery's new 2.0 petrol turbo, which produces 254 hp. and 390 N/m. It is combined with a seven-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches. The novelty will be only front-wheel drive, like all Jetour crossovers.


In China, sales of the Jetour X90 Plus started at the end of 2021.


Jetour vehicles are also available in select countries in South America and the Middle East.