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Hummer H1 Service Manual
Hummer H1 Service Manual
Hummer H1 Service Manual.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 17.7 MB
Hummer H1 Electric Wiring Diagrams
Hummer H1 Electric Wiring Diagrams
Hummer H1 Electric Wiring Diagrams.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.1 MB
Hummer H1 Spare Parts Catalog
Hummer H1 Spare Parts Catalog
Hummer H1 Spare Parts Catalog.pdf
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Hummer H2 Owner's Manual
Hummer H2 Owner's Manual
Hummer H2 Owner's Manual.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.7 MB
Hummer H3 Fault Codes DTC
Hummer H3 Fault Codes DTC
Hummer H3 Fault Codes DTC.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 118.2 KB
Hummer H3 Owner's Manual
Hummer H3 Owner's Manual
Hummer H3 Owner's Manual.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.0 MB

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There're 6 HUMMER car owner's & service manuals PDF, electric wiring diagrams, error codes DTC, spare parts catalog.


Despite the fact that the official date of the emergence of the Hummer brand is 1991, its origins should be attributed to 1979.


Then the leadership of the US Army announced a tender for the production of a high-class, multifunctional off-road vehicle.


The first to respond to the call was AM General. It has developed a machine that has not yet been equaled.


Model 998, also known as HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle), became the prototype of the first Hummer.


In 1983, the company carried out all the necessary testing and testing of a new army vehicle and received a large order for the supply of off-road vehicles to the balance of the US Army.


AM General's first off-road vehicle exceeded all expectations: it was able to cover a distance of more than a million kilometers, easily overcome almost any obstacles, and at the same time carry massive weapons.


The car was equipped with automatic transmission at 4 speeds and was absolutely not difficult to manage.


The military vehicle of the automaker AM General made a splash.


After the Gulf War, Model 998 was broadcast on all channels.


The SUV, which effortlessly coped with the dunes, wanted to have wealthy citizens in their collection.


The company began to receive more and more private orders and soon decided to release a civilian version of its car.


The new model was named Hummer, and General Motors decided to sell it under its own brand.


It was in 1991 that the new automobile brand Hummer was approved.


The Hummer H1 has been put into serial production since 1992.


One of the first owners of the civilian version of the Hummer was the film actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.


In an effort to improve their cars, the company upgraded the Hummer almost every year.


This allowed to gradually increase the demand for this model.


So, in 1999, the Hummer SUV was equipped with the TT4 anti-slip system.


And in a configuration with an updated line of engines and a solid body, Hummer became not only all-terrain, but also durable.


An expansion of the Hummer model line soon followed.


In 2000, the automaker introduces a new SUV, the Hummer H2, which is no less successful than its predecessor.


Since 2003, the Night Vision system has been installed on the Hummer H2, which further fueled the interest of motorists in Hummer models.


In 2005, a new representative of the Hummer brand appeared on the market - the Hummer H3 model.


Both the Hummer H2 and Hummer H3 were developed from off-road Chevrolet models.


By the way, cars of the eminent Hummer brand are available not only as an SUV, but also as a pickup truck, which significantly expands the company's sales market.