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BAIC BJ40L Owner's Manual
BAIC BJ40L Owner's Manual
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BAIC D50 Owner's Manual
BAIC D50 Owner's Manual
BAIC D50 Owner's Manual.pdf
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BAIC D70 Owner's Manual
BAIC D70 Owner's Manual
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BAIC X55 Owner's Manual
BAIC X55 Owner's Manual
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BAIC U5 Plus

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BAIC electric vehicles are produced on the assembly lines of China's largest engineering holding, BAIC Group.


The state-owned company was formed in 1958 in Beijing.


The BAIC Motor division specializes in the production of passenger cars, while the BAIC Group subsidiary BluePark New Energy Technology produces cars with electric engines.


The company is among the TOP 10 automakers in the world in terms of annual sales of electric vehicles. Products are exported to more than 20 countries around the world.


The cars produced under the BAIC brand are electric vehicles created on the basis of advanced engineering and technical solutions in the field of alternative energy.


All models are equipped with the latest safety and stability control systems.


Low cost is a decisive factor for many buyers who dream of a reliable, functional and at the same time inexpensive car.


Owner reviews confirm the ease of operation and comfortable living conditions in the cabin.


The BAIC EU5 sedan is a relatively new electric car, presented in 2019 at the Beijing Auto Show. The electric car is a version of the BAIC Senova D50 (Beijing U5) model with an internal combustion engine.


Battery capacity is 53. 6 kWh. The car covers a distance of 416 km without recharging. The 218 horsepower electric motor supports a top speed of 155 km/h.


Reduced noise levels in the cabin create the illusion of the engine not running while driving. The electric car is equipped with intelligent control systems based on advanced developments.


Available options include driver warning of lane departure, collision with a pedestrian or vehicle, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking.


Options and functions are activated silently at the touch of a button. The exterior has a laconic, strict design without unnecessary details. The car looks modern and stylish.


The spacious interior design is reminiscent of the interior of Mercedes cars of previous generations.


The front panel is finished with soft plastic, resistant to shock loads and providing comfort during tactile contact.


In some modifications, leather seat trim is available, making the car look expensive and presentable.


An electric car will be a good purchase for family needs or corporate purposes.


An affordable price combined with quality finishing and high technical characteristics is a combination that is attractive to buyers.


The manufacturer's warranty on the battery is 8 years. The BAIC EU5 sedan is compared in popularity to the legendary Toyota Camry.


The BAIC EC3 electric car became the best-selling Chinese car in 2019. The model was chosen by more than 100 thousand Chinese residents.


The electric car has compact dimensions of 3675x1630x1518 mm, which provides it with good maneuverability.


The liftback is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 45 kW - a torque of 150 N*m.


The battery capacity is 30. 6 kWh. The electric car does not need to be recharged for 261 km. To fully charge the battery from a household electrical outlet, it will take 10-12 hours.


The BAIC EU electric car is one of the most sought-after and popular models. About 40 thousand of these machines are sold annually in China.


It is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 218 horsepower. The range without recharging is about 416 km.


The Beijing EC5 electric car is an SUV with a power reserve of 403 km. Equipped with a 70 kW engine with a torque of 200 N*m. Maximum speed – 130 km/h.