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Monteverdi Sierra Specs
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History of Monteverdi Cars

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Monteverdi is a small company from Binningen, the southern outskirts of the Swiss city of Basel.


Founded in 1967 by Peter Monteverdi, former MBM racing car manufacturer and car dealer.


At first, it produced expensive sports models of the GT class with American Chrysler V8 engines and bodies from the Italian studio Frua or Fissore.


In the mid 70s. switched to more mass production of executive sedans and luxury SUVs based on budget American cars.


In 1984, it stopped its work and was transformed into the Monteverdi Car Collection museum.


After the unsuccessful acquisition and advancement of the Onyx Racing team in Formula 1, Peter Monteverdi decides to return to the sports car market.


Using the chassis of a leftover F1 car with a 3. 5-liter Cosworth DFR V8 engine producing 650 hp, he developed a carbon fiber supercar, the Monteverdi Hai 650 F1, which reached speeds of 337 km/h.


Like many other Monteverdi projects, the model remained at the prototype stage and was made in only two copies.


At the end of his life, Monteverdi left for Morocco, where he was breeding camels.