A new car owner, as a rule, throws the car's instruction manual into the farthest corner without even reading its contents.


And in vain, because the manual is a storehouse of useful information that can extend the life of the "iron horse".


No wonder mechanics say that in the car manual you can find the answer to almost any technical question.


The manual, better than any serviceman, will advise the helmsman on how best to handle the car, what to focus on and what to do in a given situation.


Having found a mysterious key on the center console of a new car, the average driver will find out its purpose empirically.


And perhaps he will be upset when he realizes that nothing happens from pressing and pushing the button.


Useless thing, he thinks. Well, yes, it’s not fate to look into the instructions - but everything is described in detail there.


You can not do without the instruction manual and when setting up sophisticated multimedia. If you want to save time and nerves - read, read, read.


By the way, not only precious minutes of life can save the manual.


Flip through a book at your leisure - you will learn about some tricks that can reduce the cost of maintaining a car.