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Genesis G70 Owner's Manual
Genesis G70 Owner's Manual
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Genesis G80 EV Owner's Manual
Genesis G80 EV Owner's Manual
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Genesis G90 Owner's Manual
Genesis G90 Owner's Manual
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Genesis GV60 Owner's Manual
Genesis GV60 Owner's Manual
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Genesis G70
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While other automakers were experiencing serious problems with the sale of their cars, the South Korean Hyundai Motor Company was actively developing, first copying other people's developments, and then smoothly moving on to its own, along with buying a competitor, Kia Motors.


Such a base made it possible to make one global decision - in addition to the production of budget models, to start producing luxury cars.


As an example, they chose the direction of development of the Japanese companies Nissan, Toyota, Honda, which had previously successfully entered the market with their Infiniti, Lexus and Acura.


The program was launched in 2003.


The project was developed from scratch, about $500 million was invested in it, which was already spent in the first 23 months of development.


By 2007, a rear-wheel drive luxury sedan prototype was ready and presented to the public as the "Concept Genesis" in March 2007.


A year later, in 2008, at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Hyundai Genesis production model was presented to the public.


The Koreans were in no hurry.


Yes, the first model was ready for production in 2008.


But here the Koreans acted not like Koreans, but like pragmatic Germans, probably taking into account the fate of Amati, Mazda's premium daughter.


Therefore, the model went to the market as the Hyundai Genesis. It won't get any worse.


We decided to see what happens in practice.


And the model, which was practically in no way inferior to the German “holy trinity” of BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and the three Japanese samurai Infiniti, Lexus and Acura, except for the price (the Korean was at least 10 thousand dollars cheaper), began to sell well in the USA.


For seven years, having entered the top three in terms of sales in its segment and having a steady consumer demand.


It was then that it was decided to bring this model into a separate premium sub-brand.


So on November 4, 2015, a new car brand appeared in the sky - Genesis Motors.


The leaders of Hyundai Motor Company are very smart people and understood that a successful premium sub-brand can be created in a short time only by using the services of top-level professionals, people with a name.


And the team gathered shock:


- Manfred Fitzgerald, who was in charge of Lamborghini design, the brand as a whole, became Vice President and Project Manager;


- Luc Donkerwolke, who designed almost all modern models of the Bentley Group, and also had a hand in the models of Lamborghini and Audi, was appointed responsible for the design, another legend was sent to help him - Peter Schreyer, who had taken root in the company for a long time;


- Albert Biermann, another legend who was responsible for the production of the M line at BMW (sporty, high-performance, “charged” versions), took over the technical part of the project, that is, performance, settings and a number of other important points.


It was such a completely immodest company as a locomotive that began to pull the South Korean “train” called Genesis Motors.