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Mitsuoka Himiko Specs
Mitsuoka Himiko Specs
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Mitsuoka MC1 Spare Parts Catalog
Mitsuoka MC1 Spare Parts Catalog
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Mitsuoka Orochi Specs
Mitsuoka Orochi Specs
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Mitsuoka Viewt
Mitsuoka Galue

History of Mitsuoka Cars

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Mitsuoka is a Japanese bodybuilder that builds bespoke retro-style cars based on production models from other brands.


Its founder Susuma Mitsuoka started his business in 1968 selling used cars.


In 1979, the company was officially registered, and in 1982 it developed its first vehicle, the Bubu Shuttle 50 tricycle.


After a series of microcars, the workshop switched to making replicas: in 1987, the Mitsuoka Bubu Classic SSK appeared (similar to the classic Mercedes-Benz SSK), in 1989, the Mitsuoka Bubu 356 Speedstar (a copy of the Porsche model of the same name), in 1990, the neoclassical Mitsuoka Le-Seyde coupe based on the Nissan Silvia platform.


In just 4 days, 500 copies of Le-Seyde were sold, after which, in 1991, its open version of the Mitsuoka Dore based on the Ford Mustang went on sale.


In 1994, a replica Lotus Seven, the Mitsuoka Zero1, followed.


The company's most popular model was the Mitsuoka Viewt, a Jaguar Mark 2-style compact sedan based on the Nissan March front-wheel drive hatchback.


In the debut year of 1993, a sales record was set - 1000 units.


In 1996, Mitsuoka received the status of the tenth automaker in Japan.


In the same year, the Mitsuoka Galue luxury sedan was released, inspired by the classic Bentley S1.


Until today, five generations of this model have already changed, based in turn on the Nissan Crew, Nissan Fuga, Toyota Corolla Axio and Nissan Teana platforms.


Another novelty for 1996 was the Mitsuoka Ray, a Wolseley Hornet replica based on the Mazda Carol hatchback.


In 1998, the Mitsuoka Ryoga middle-class sedan went on sale, originally made on the platform from the Nissan Primera, later from the Toyota Corolla.


In parallel with the neoclassic, the company produces single microcars Mitsuoka MC-1, K-1 and K-2.


In 2001, Mitsuoka presented a mid-engined supercar model called Orochi at the Tokyo Motor Show.


Its production version with a 3. 3-liter V6 engine became available by special order in 2006, in coupe and roadster versions.


Meanwhile, in 2004-2012. produced a neoclassical Mitsuoka Nouera sedan based on the Honda Accord.


In 2006, the Mitsuoka Himiko sports roadster debuted, built on an extended Mazda MX-5 platform.


Since 2015 it has been sold in the UK as the Mitsuoka Roadster.


In the Japanese domestic market, the Mitsuoka lineup continues to include the Galue, Ryugi and Viewt sedans, as well as the Mitsuoka Like-T3 three-wheeled electric microcar.


In 2018, the firm tried to interest American buyers in a two-seat Rock Star coupe in the style of the Corvette C2, made on Mazda MX-5 units.


The launch of the Buddy SUV on the Toyota RAV4 chassis, similar to the old Chevrolet Blazer K5, is scheduled for 2021.