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Zeekr X Specification
Zeekr X Specification
Zeekr X Specification.pdf
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Zeekr 001 Specifcation
Zeekr 001 Specifcation
Zeekr 001 Specifcation.pdf
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Zeekr X Electric Car
Zeekr X Electric Car
Zeekr 001 Electric Car

Features of Zeekr 001 Electric Car

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Zeekr 001 is a production version of the Lynk & Co Zero concept car, and the car is almost unchanged.


The characteristic design characteristic of Lynk&Co models has also been preserved, and even frameless doors with retractable handles.


And in terms of format and dimensions, the model is close to the five-door Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo.


It is a large liftback with good proportions, a long wheelbase (3005 mm), 22-inch wheels and a low drag coefficient Cx (0.23). Machine length – 4970 mm, width – 1999 mm, height – 1560 mm.


With the rear seats folded, a luggage compartment with a volume of 2144 liters is formed. There is also a small trunk in the front, but it will only fit an external charger with a cable.


The interior is richly decorated - nappa leather, soft plastic and multi-contour front seats with a massager are already "in the base" here.


Zeekr 001 has a compact instrument screen (8.8 inches) and a large media system TV with a diagonal of 15.4 inches (it concentrates the control of all secondary functions), as well as a projection display.


There are almost no hardware keys left in the cabin - sensors are even attached to the steering wheel spokes.


Equipment includes a panoramic roof, a Yamaha acoustic system and three-zone climate control, and for controlling the rear "climate" there is an additional touch display between the backs of the front seats, from which you can also change the audio system settings.


The gamma consists of three modifications, among which it is difficult to identify the basic one.


The rear-wheel drive Zeekr 001 has one electric motor with a capacity of 272 hp, but this version is immediately equipped with an "older" traction battery with a capacity of 100 kWh.


This is the most long-range version, although the passport figure of 712 km is calculated according to the outdated NEDC cycle and in reality the mileage will be more modest. Acceleration time to 100 km / h - 6.9 seconds.


The all-wheel drive version has two engines with a total power of 544 hp. and can accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. But the standard battery has a capacity of 86 kWh, and the passport range is 526 km.


The third modification combines four-wheel drive and a 100-kilowatt battery, it can travel without recharging up to 606 km according to the NEDC cycle.


The mains voltage has not yet been named, but it is claimed that the Zeekr 001 can be connected to DC chargers of up to 360 kW.


This means that in five minutes you can fill up the supply of electricity for a throw of 120 km. Of course, it is possible to connect to household outlets.