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Riich X1 Service Manual
Riich X1 Service Manual
Riich X1 Service Manual.pdf
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Riich X1 Elecric Wiring Diagrams
Riich X1 Elecric Wiring Diagrams
Riich X1 Elecric Wiring Diagrams.pdf
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Riich X1
Riich M1

RIICH Cars History

There're 2 RIICH car service manuals PDF, electric wiring diagrams.


Luxury brand of the Chinese car manufacturer Chery.


It is planned that the cars produced under this brand will be distinguished by a slightly higher quality and "rich" appearance than the other products of the company.


But, as in all other cases, there is a persistent and valid feeling of "déjà vu".


The brand was founded in early 2009. The first car was the G6 sedan.


The model is just perfectly similar to the Audi A6 (by the way, quite popular in China), which Chery called the main competitor for Riich cars.


A little later, another model was presented - this time a compact M1, 3. 5 meters long, with a trunk volume of 1000 liters (with the rear seats folded).


The logo is made in the spirit of the Chinese automobile industry - they took the classic Bentley logo and replaced the letter "B" with "R".


Cheap, angry and with a hint of the presentability of the new brand.


It is expected that not only larger sedans, but also sports coupes and compact models will be produced under the Riich brand.